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Immediate prayers required for newborn dealing with multiple health issues – Baptist Message

BRAND-NEW ORLEANS– Urgent prayers have been issued by the household of newborn Lucy Rae Gaudet, who is dealing with multiple illness as she continues her bold battle at Kid’s Healthcare facility in New Orleans.

Gaudet, who is the daughter of Devin and Christian Gaudet, music partner at Calvary Baptist Church in Alexandria, was born prematurely at 30 weeks Jan. 28. She has actually been identified with major heart issues, consisting of a total heart block, and Down’s syndrome. This condition is a genetic disorder triggered when irregular cell division results in an extra complete or partial copy of chromosome 21. This extra genetic product causes the developmental changes and physical features of Down syndrome.

Davin Gaudet has posted periodic updates on her Facebook page. She published Feb. 3 doctors put Lucy on antibiotics after they found a possible little infection. Lucy will get an increased dose of Lasix, the medication that assists her pass fluid.

“It is working as they can see in her urine output however they want to see more,” she wrote. “Doc says they always start with the tiniest dosage to see its results on high blood pressure and then move from there. They will be offering her a 2nd round of the medications to close the PDA valve in her heart as it got smaller with the first dosage but did not close entirely yet. This second round can’t be given till the Lasix is stopped as both might affect kidneys so it’s best not to be offering them both at the exact same time. Her brain scan showed no bleeds. This is a common incident in preemies, so we are thankful all that came back normal.

“All of this to state, our big things to wish now are passing the fluid that she’s maintaining, for the next round of bloodwork to reveal no indications of infection, and for her PDA valve to close on its own.”

Lucy and her parents could invest a number of months at Kid’s Health center in New Orleans, where she will continue to get treatment from doctors and experts.

Devin Gaudet stated her family has been surprised at the support the family has gotten through prayers and words of encouragement.

“Every night as we leave the NICU we lay hands on Lucy’s little pod, hope our particular goals aloud for the next day, however most significantly we thank Him for another day with our sweet lady,” Gaudet wrote. “We don’t deserve her.

“As a spouse I would also like to ask for prayers for my hubby, Christian,” she continued. “(Today) he starts the journey of going back and forth to work and New Orleans every few days. I request prayers for safe travels and for his heart as being far from each other even for a couple of days during this time will be emotionally difficult for us. I’m happy he’s able to be here with us as regularly as he will be (his job has actually been so incredible about working with him) and I’m thankful for technology that will enable me to send out all the cute pictures/videos our phones can hold. Please keep all 3 people in your prayers this week as all of us have a huge week ahead.”

A Go Fund Me page, developed by good friends of the family to assist offset medical and living expenditures, had raised $3,440 through Monday, Feb. 4. Cards of support may be sent to Hogs House Space No. 4, 200 Henry Clay Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118.

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