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These 3 Questions Will Change The Way You See Your Relationships

There are three “what if” concerns I have actually been kicking around recently. And they’re changing the method I do relationships. I ‘d share them with you and I hope they bring as much want to you as they do to me.

Photo Credit: Joe St.Pierre, Creative Commons

Here they are.

First, what if we are not in competition with the people around us?

What if we are just expected to get in touch with people and enjoy? By this I indicate what if all the comparing could be replaced with linking? There’s something concealed, unmentioned and even a little complicated within me that compares myself to others.

I ‘d like for that to disappear and I’m dealing with that.

It’s been practical and enjoyable to simply recognize my life has been blessed, I deserve none of what I’ve been given, and there will always be individuals with more than me and people with less.

Second, what if relationships are indicated to be delighted in, not repaired?

This question is so freeing. What if when I’m with a pal the only thing I’m supposed to do is delight in the relationship?

I’m a home builder by nature. I want to change whatever and make it much better. The problem is, other individuals don’t belong to me. I don’t get to change them. I can inspire them or encourage them and even rebuke them but it’s not my obligation to alter them.

And, in reality, people have been provided to us by God for our satisfaction.

There are, obviously, unsafe individuals, however I’m discussing those individuals we delight in as buddies and household. I desire to begin changing my “fix” reaction with an “enjoy” response and simply let individuals be themselves.

What if I am a present to individuals they way they are to me?

I tend to think the majority of my good friends are more fantastic than I am. They are more kind, more giving, more gifted and appear to use me more than I provide them.

However what if this isn’t true?

What if I am just as motivating to my buddies as they are to me? What if I believed that and lived into it and owned it and permitted that truth to motivate me and make me a lot more gracious and kind gift to the people around me?

What If I could give as well as receive?

These are 3 questions I’ve been asking when it pertains to my relationships. What about you?

What questions have you been asking?

[This is a repost from the archives.]

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